Fridge upgrades

You can upgrade your fridge in order to be able to store more ingredients. You start off with the ability to store 2500 ingredients in total. For each level you upgrade your fridge, you can hold 250 extra ingredients up to a total of 5000 ingredients. Gold is used to upgrade the fridge and it costs 5000 gold per level. Go to your Kitchen to upgrade your Fridge, or click Upgrade next to Fridge in your dashboard.

If you have more ingredients than you can hold in your fridge, you can still keep them if you pay a fee. First, they will be moved to a cold store, which you can reach from your Ingredients page. Your less rare ingredients will be moved, so you get to keep your rare ones. But you can still move them back to your fridge - if you make room in your fridge. To make room in your fridge, you can either cook recipes, sell ingredients in the Marketplace or Trade them for something better.

It costs 10 gold per rarity level of each ingredient to get them back. For example, a Tomato will rarity 1 will cost you 10 gold, and Biscuits with rarity 10 will cost you 100 gold. You have 7 days to buy them back. If you don't, the extra ingredients will rot and get discarded after 7 days in the cold store.

You start with a basic Cooler which can hold 2500 ingredients in total. These are the available fridge upgrade levels and how many ingredients you can store in each level:

  1. Ice box - 2750
  2. Mini fridge - 3000
  3. Small fridge - 3250
  4. Medium fridge - 3500
  5. Large fridge - 3750
  6. Double door fridge - 4000
  7. 5 door fridge - 4250
  8. Commercial fridge - 4500
  9. Walk-in fridge - 4750
  10. Refrigerated storage - 5000