Partner Shop

The Partner Shop is a central marketplace for the participating traffic exchanges, where they can sell credits, upgrades and Piggy Bank cash in their sites. When you buy an item, your account in that website will be updated automatically. You can use gold you have won in the Food Game, or buy Gold through our Piggy Bank deposit system where we accept Card payments, Bank transfer and Wise, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Coinbase, Uphold, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, Payeer and Advanced Cash.

You need to be a member of the partner site and also have filled in your referral ID for that site in our list of Participating Sites for the purchase to go through. You can search for a specific website in the Search field. You can also click "Price in Gold" in the table below to sort everything in the market by price. $1 equals 5000 Gold. If you have enough Gold in your account, a link to buy it appears in the Action field.

If one of your Food Game referrals buys Gold, you will earn 20% cash commission here. If someone who is your referral at a partner website buys something through this Partner Shop (even if they are not your referral here), you will earn a commission in that website. It works just like if they had bought the item there.