Special orders

"What are special orders?"

Once every 20 minutes there will be a new, urgent Special order. It means that a random dish will come up in a list on the Special Orders page under the Cooking menu. You can also reach it by clicking the menu sign on the member home page.

There is a certain number of dishes required in each Special order; from 1 and up to 30. The first members who cook this dish will win a prize. If only one is required, only one member will win. If 30 is required, the first 30 people will win. If no one has cooked the required dishes within 6 hours, the order will expire. Click the "Claim prize" link that appears on the Special Orders page after cooking an order to get your prize.

You can only claim a prize from cooking the Special order once per order, and you have 2 hours to claim your prize. After cooking the requested dish, go back to the Special Orders page and claim your prize. You will win 10 gold, 5 experience points and rarity level 1-5 ingredients; 2 for common recipes, 4 for rare recipes and 6 for super rare recipes.

Special Orders are one part of the weekly contests. The 10 people who cook the most Special Orders during the week will win a prize. The point towards the leaderboard is added when you click the "Claim prize" link, and not when the actual dish is cooked.