Problem when buying through the Partner Shop

You can see your purchases in the Partner Shop if you click the "My Purchases" link on top of the shop page. Should there be an mistake made on your end, for example if you bought something in the wrong site or you had entered the incorrect user ID for a site, send us a ticket and we will arrange a refund.

If a traffic exchange owner hasn't set up their sales items correctly and you get an error when purchasing something from the Partner Shop, the Gold would be transferred from your account to theirs but your account would not be automatically updated. 

Contact the site owner and tell them the transfer was made but your account wasn't updated and ask them to do it manually. We at the Food Game can't add the item you wanted to buy for you in another site if they have made a mistake with the sales item.

Please also let us know so we can delete their sales item and let them know and help them set it up correctly. If you change your mind, or if you run into any trouble with the owner, we will give you the Gold back.

All traffic exchange owners who participate in the Partner Shop should be aware that they are responsible for the products they sell there and for any support needed.

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