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How does the downline builder work?

There are 2 tabs in the downline builder, list of Participating sites. When you go to the page, you automatically view the Upgraded partners. Click "Free Partners" below the search field to see the list of Free partner sites.

To search for a site, type part of the site name in the search field and press enter or click search. Both upgraded and free partner sites will show in the search result.

You can not under any circumstances enter another person's affliate ID in the downline builder. The affiliate ID, or referral ID number, is how we identify you. If two people have filled in the same affliate ID number for the same site and both people surf there, the Food Game prizes would end up in one the accounts. We monitor this closely to make sure people are not working together.

You can build downlines in all the participating sites by promoting The Food Game. Your referrals will join under you in the participating sites if you have entered your affliate ID number and they click any of these sites.

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