"When do I get my Commissions?"

We pay commissions and prizes every other week on Fridays. There is no need to request a cashout. Payout can be in local currency, USD or Bitcoin, and the minimum payout is when you have reached $10.

To get a payment, you must fill in the Payout details part on the Account Settings page. Enter your preferred payment processor in the "Payment Type" dropdown menu, and enter the required information in the corresponding field for that payment processor.

If you want to hold your commissions, set Payment Type to "None". You can enter your details for all available options and simply change the method with the Payment Type dropdown menu.

If you want a payment directly to your bank account, select Wise. Add your bank account on the "Recipients" page in your TransferWise account, and mark it as Primary.

If you have won TE Tokens in the Food Game, send a ticket to have them sent to your Waves.Exchange wallet. They are separate from your regular payout.