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We offer browser notifications with web push for timed events such as the A la Minute event. If you can't get the browser notifications to start when you click to start the opt-in request, it is because you either already have the notification cookie in your browser, or you have a pop up blocker to prevent the notification to start.

To begin with, check if you have any plugins that blocks pop ups or notifications and disable any if you have them. Clear your browser's cookies, restart the browser and try to start the optin request again. This is often enough.

If that doesn't help, open your browser settings and navigate to the cookie settings, it is possible you already have the cookie that runs the notifications there and that's why it's not starting.

In your list of cookies in your browser settings, look for "". If it's there, delete it, then clear your browser's cookie and cache and restart it, and you will be able to start a new optin request.

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