I got logged out while surfing

"I am surfing in the Food Game and get logged out every page."

There are no prize pages for the Food Game in the surfing to view ads part. There is only a one time prize of Cooking Vouchers, which you can claim in your blue dashboard on the home page after surfing:


  • Free members can surf 25 pages and then claim 1 Cooking Voucher in your dashboard.
  • Master Chefs can surf 50 pages and then claim 3 Cooking Vouchers in your dashboard.


There are no further rewards from surfing. In fact, every page you see after those 25 or 50 pages (depending on your member level) is an info page saying that you can't view more ads for further rewards. 


However, if you keep trying surfing to view ads anyway, you will still not get any rewards and you will only see that info page, but you will also get logged out with every click after having surfed 55 pages. Simply log back in, claim your reward in your blue dashboard and come back the next day to surf for a new reward.