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  • Nov 4th 2020 at 1:59 AM
    Cooking Knockout!

    Did you see the new weekly tournament? On Mondays, you can register (for free) for the new Cooking Knockout. As the name suggests, it's a knockout type of contest.

    Each day of the tournament one random specific recipe is on the menu, and all the participating chefs have to cook that recipe.

    The points for each time you cook that specific dish during that day will be added to the Cooking Knockout leaderboard. The more times you cook the selected dish, the more points you get.

    The top 80% chefs each day will move forward to the next day in the tournament, where a new specific recipe will be on the menu and the points will be reset. The remaining 20% chefs with the lowest points are eliminated.

    At the end of the week there is one lucky winner who gets a big prize, but everyone who passes from every day also wins something. These are the prizes:

    1. All chefs who qualify from day 1: 100 gold

    2. All chefs who qualify from day 2: 200 Square banner ad impressions

    3. All chefs who qualify from day 3: 500 Square banner ad impressions

    4. All chefs who qualify from day 4: 10 Normal Cooking Class tickets

    5. All chefs who qualify from day 5: 10 Cooking vouchers

    6. chefs who qualify from day 6: 100 Credits

    7. 1 winner on day 7: 10 Gourmet Cooking Class ticket and 3 TE Tokens

    Don't forget to register on Monday, good luck!

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    Nov 4th 2020 at 7:02 AM by Christopher Harris
    Who doesn't like a cookoff!
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