TE Token prizes payout

In some of the contests in the Food Game, such as the Cooking Knockout tournament, you can win a bonus prize of TE Tokens. Te Token (TET) is a digital asset, a cryptocurrency, for the advertising industry. 1 TET equals $1.

TE Tokens can't be exchanged directly for gold or Piggy Bank funds in the Food Game, they can only be paid out. TE Tokens are exchanged on Waves.exchange, so you need an account there to have them paid out as it needs to register in the Blockchain. You can find step by step instruction on the TE Token site:


If you have won TE Tokens in the Food Game and want them paid out, add your Waves.exchange address in the "TE Token Waves address" field on your Account Settings page under the Account menu. The minimum amount for payout is 10 TE Tokens.

Then send us a ticket here to have them sent to your Waves.Exchange wallet. They are separate from your regular commissions, so there is no need to select TE Tokens as payment type. Your regular commissions will not be affected by having a TE Token payout.

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