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  • Nov 4th 2020 at 7:02 AM
    Introducing Chris - CEO - Team Success

    My name is Chris, I have dabbed in the affiliate market industry about 15 yrs on and off around a full-time truck driving career, that's over and retired early at 40 thanks to bitcoin and the motivation behind crypto and being in it early (YES ITS STILL EARLY FOLKS)

    I'm the founder of an online startup called Team Success. Full PUN intended that none of us are mining successful, none of us have what we want, non are rich yet. The main thing to have in common is a desire to grow your mining capabilities and or to earn an income passively and online and to share the ease of our program with others, without downlines and or MLM pyramids. We launched in Apr 2020 with about $5000, we got scammed and lost it all, returning with just $700 we have made the company worth $2000 a year in 6 months and estimated equipment value of $3100 along with $750 in electrical upgrades and purchasing more property with separate buildings this using free programs, and charging nothing to join us to allow our growth in a slow but methodical manner that ensures we all grow together and mine more and more for the team we stick together and grow from the inside out, as getting new members isn't as important as growing the current ones.

    Our name and the team mining concept and the fact we naturally started to gain more hands-on-deck it was silly to waste them, as any startup and a strapped for cash one we were looking out for income streams when,

    Along with our mining, we noticed we have the desire to influence obviously the crypto market but we have a vast audience, a team of actual people willing promote your products for pennies on the dollar and even on a barter and trade free deal, we want you to try and earn for yourself, we're willing to help your side hustle if you help us by trying our program we offer,

    Team of real members owning up to 50 social accounts each

    We use niche marketing platforms, alt platforms, less popular but active platforms, new platforms where products of opportunity, uniqueness are sought and investors are.

    Our social reach is updated weekly on our website, as in 1 post seen by x followers. (excluding team member accounts as team members change and leave from time to time) they however will also promote, hype your product.

    Our estimated ad space values is .50 CPM you get this free 50,000 impressions would normally be $25

    We have upgraded social tools to manage your accounts for you posting and commenting as if we are you. – Currently, selling this service daily for $1.80 Management Inquiry

    We low key hype market cheaply, giving you many more hands and hrs in a day. (Meaning we don’t overdo it, miss lead or lie, we organically generate attention your products must sell themselves.) We won’t buy you followers or break TOS.

    We use OUR ad budget on you!

    We cross-promote FREE - If you're willing to download software and start mining, it’s easier then watching YouTube no lie, give us a try, we give you ad space, hits, shouts, and posts, comments, likes all free, organic, and routine. (LOOK LEFT)

    Consider us for promoting your offer contact bases or *barter and trade

    *participation would be required

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  • Nov 12th 2020 at 7:31 AM

    So it has been a busy remembrance day week here for the team from progress in talks with professional blogger, sponsorship on several Instagram’s which included a personal invite from the PI network's earliest of members. This changed our team; within 2 days we then earned a new member Chuck.

    Chuck immediately impacted the team with a subtle suggestion that added so much transparency and value to Team Success and a company and affiliate mining program that we upgraded him to VIP for the year making him the only VIP member on the team currently eligible for our soon to be $400 bonus. It was that impactful.

    The team didn't and still doesn't need a lot of change, but we were going about things the hard way and the idea made sense on all levels from the effort to transparency. Members can now see all other members, what they do for the team, and when coins come and go, then holding us accountable for updating you about the accounting which will still happen on Fridays one time per week.

    We have added videos to assist the setup of our mining software which is free and very simple.

    We have added a straightforward no BS intro to YouTube, available on our website.

    We have increased revenue to about $150 per month as a team and want to spilt that plus all ad, merch and trade revenue we earn and this cost nothing but faith and effort, we are in early startup so get in early we all know what that means!


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  • Nov 2nd 2020 at 10:12 AM
    Thanks - Klara Schmidtz

    I'm fairly certain you've been doing this since the late 90's and I'm wishing I'd kept my exchange and worked harder than at marketing online, thanks for adding me as a friend truly an honor.

    Introducing my own brand We'd be happy to have you and anyone else stop by!

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Nov 12th 2020 at 7:31 AM
Thanks - Klara Schmidtz
Nov 2nd 2020 at 10:12 AM
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